2016 Winter Trail Conditions


anything nearly rideable at wrandees or anywhere else?


There has been a lot of traffic from Exhibition Park. Should be packed down pretty good. Going to check it out tomorrow.


Decided to check out Wrandees tonight. Am not used to these trails so I went from Exhibition Park to the Bay Road entrance and back.

With the exception of the low hanging branches, conditions were perfect and no need for studs. Get out while you can.


Wrandees is melting. Stream is showing in a few spots. Swamps have open areas too. With the weather calling for +10 tomorrow. There will be more open spots.

Tuesday is calling for a low of -8 so hopefully it will freeze up. If so it will be icy but smooth with open spots, some roots and rocks.


Note, this was just the pipeline loop I scoped. I wonder what NW Arm side is like. With a freeze it might be better.


I lucked out with last nights conditions. It’s too bad it looks like we are going to have a stretch of mild weather.


Early this morning was probably good too, @IdealBikes.


I wonder if Fight would be good to ride with all the exposed granite. I would think a lot of the snow/ice may be gone


Fight and whopper should be good to go.


How was Wrandees. Were studs needed?


Some sections are a sheet of ice. So I’d say yes.


Anyone know what Spider or other Halifax trails are like today? Are we back to firm ground with the rain and the cold or is it a bit sloppy? Thx


It’s pretty great in Spider actually. Maybe 1cm just like in the city and mostly pretty firm.


Thinking about heading to Wrandees on Saturday morning. How are the conditions?


Did a few laps of Wrandees this morning. Conditions decent to good on Pipeline and fair to decent on Rosebowl. Not much was packed down beyond that, so I didn’t venture past the dam. Could use a bit more snowshoeing or fat bikes to pack it all down.


i went for a hike there this afternoon. It seemed pretty rideable so I am heading there tomorrow.


Any update on conditions in HRM? Thinking of getting a ride in tonight before the +10 and rain tomorrow. Anyone ride yesterday or today?


Fight trail is almost completely clear of ice and where there is ice you can go around it or take it slow. The low sections are still very wet so id say the trail overall is 7-10.


I tried 9 Mile River today hoping for hero dirt but got a muddy mess with large sections of ice. Only got 4k in there. Had to go to whopper for more.


wrandees was surprisingly good today. temps will be below zero tonight and you would be able to ride early tomorrow. there is little to no standing water and all the snow and ice are gone.