2016 Winter Trail Conditions


Went to do some work at spider this weekend and a lot of areas were still really wet and sloppy with the thaw. I was surprised / disappointed to see a few ugly shredded sections. Maybe this isn’t new as I hadn’t been through the downhill sections much since the fall. Would encourage folks to leave alone until things dry though.
On a positive note, saw some trail workers cleaned out the fall down along the bridge and laid some stones around skull which look great.


We went in last week and removed the trees that were uprooting the Simon and Garfunkel Bridge. It was a bit of a task to get the bridge to lay flat and we still have a little bit of work to do to repair it back to its original state. We’ll get to that when we have a little spare time


Is everything a slushy mess? Anything rideable?


Wondering the same thing…


I recently walked Death March and Suzie Q with the chainsaw and those two were very wet. A week of sun will make a big difference though.


Awesome @wayners, Did you happen across the fallen tree at bottom of rock garden?