2017/18 Winter Trail Conditions


Dipped into Fight this evening as well. It was mostly ice-free with only a few slippery snowy bits on Osprey, Lou’s, and Attic. Very non-stud friendly. I started into Lake Loop and did the old entrance, both were mostly snow covered and not great for a non-studded 26er.


First Lake crusher dust trail in Sackville was mostly bare this morning. Snow across the trail in a few places. Nothing that shouldn’t be rideable without studs. I didn’t cross over into Second Lake.


We hit the main Bowater loops and packed them down yesterday. There were a few dudes in there on skinny tires, they must have had a hell of a time.

My guess is that tonight is going to be golden in there, and tomorrow will make a mess of it again.


Anyone been out since Tuesday’s shit storm?


Only to the bowl and some dirtjumps on the new dj. Dirtjumps were nice last night though and then i hit the skatepark once it was dark. Snow started around midnight quite heavily tho and had to leave. Wet cement is bad cement


It is supposed to freeze up tonight and over the weekend and be quite cold. Should be hero soil. I suspect granite based trails like Fight Trail will be very good to great


Sunday should be a great ride day! Hoping to hit up Spider Lake or Irishman’s Road Sunday afternoon.


Definitely going to try to get out tomorrow and Sunday morning before the wife heads out of town for work again. Gotta take the opportunities when they come!


You are welcome to join us. Hitting somewhere at 9 both days


I dipped into Da Minion yesterday but there was too much mushy snow to bother going deeper in. There’s a fair sized tree down at the top of Da Minion


Tree is gone.


Funny how they do that. Treants bury their dead, I think


Planning on some hrm dj parks tmr :smiley:
Valley on sunday. Last weekend before the costa rica downhill trip, likely my last shot of frozen dirt this weekend!


Was at McDonald Park this afternoon. Almost bare. One patch of snow across the trail that runs beside the highway. Snow in the low part of the Anne Dodge(?) trail (trail that runs off of the hill toward the subdivision).

Lots of flagging in the woods throughout. New trails planned?


Post where if you get a chance!


We are heading to Spider for 10


Please report trail conditions!


Spider was good this morning with frozen ground but is probably softening up by now. In some of the less exposed areas the snow was still pretty thick. One of our guys was on a skinny and had not too much trouble keeping up


Fight Trail was perfect this morning. Very little ice and even on my old school 26" studless ‘skinny’ tires I only had to stop once or twice to walk over ice.
Lake loop not recommended, the ice at the crossing is not thick enough to walk on.


Bowater is just friggin’ mint right now. Night rides this week would be a thing of beauty.