2017/18 Winter Trail Conditions


Wrandees was as challenging as ever, especially with some soft snowy spots. The rest was surprisingly dry though. Red Trails were great.


Walked daminion into first part of flipside this am. Mostly very hard packed snow. Looks like a dirt bike has gone through at some point as well


Anyone ridden keppoch lately?
I have to head up there for a couple days-hoping to squeeze a ride in if I’m lucky


The trails at keppoch yesterday were covered in 4-5 inches of heavy wet snow. Forward/upward progress ++ difficult even with fat tires.
However, if they get a bit of temperature drop and or run the snow dog groomer- it would probably be awesome.


The Lakeside part of Whopper requires a fat bike right now.


Da Minion was pretty mint this afternoon even with studless 26", Flipside going down was a blast, but a test of patience going up. Snow cover everywhere, fairly crunchy and grippy if you stick to the harder packed areas.


Fight is largely clear.


Hero packed snow and sunshine At daminion and flipside yesterday. Things were starting to melt though. Powerline was a bit boot bombed in places but easily avoidable.
Nice to meet @shadowfox70 on the trails!


It was nice meeting you too @Drgonzo. Went bowater was a bit of slog but packed crunchy snow Monday subzero morning, ended turning back after realizing it was too deep around the trailheads. Went to daminion and scotch was superb till it hit around noon time melting fast. Might be the Last snowy ride of 2018?


Shubie last night was fairly dry in the open places. No snow on the trail itself, but a little on the sides. Surprising, considering how much snow there is in Sackville and the Valley.


Any predictions for weekend trail conditions in HRM? Wondering if its worth bringing the bike down. Rain and high temps in the forecast, will stuff be too wet and soft after that?


Always bring the bike.


Hard to argue with that logic!


The singletrack will be wet. Fight Trail granite may be OK. Crusher dust trails (Shubie, First Lake/Second Lake), McDonald Park (gravel doubletrack) should be ok.


Still snow in the valley… here the gorge today


No bikes allowed at Keppoch today


Was to macdonald park this evening! Had a good run around the loop! No snow even on sides on trails; pump track is dry and hard too; My daughter had a fun time going over the obstacles!! Hoping to get out again this weekend!!

Some pretty steep inclines, or Declines I guess depending on your route of travel; and with run off it made for a slippery rear tire trying to bite for some grip. Definitely a burner for the legs! Lol


Sounds like you did it in “backwards”. Good if your working on cardio/climbing as they are harder that way :slight_smile:


There was “1way” signs with arrows pointing; so I followed the arrows!! lol


Those were from the winter for cross country skiing. I think a few of the signs reflect the direction we usually ride, but a few don’t for sure. There’s no real wrong route to take, but there’s definitely a few ‘better’ routes.