2017/18 Winter Trail Conditions


Anyone know if bikes allowed at keppoch yet, or still “spring conditions”?


I think I saw on the Keppoch FB page that they expect it to be at least a couple of more weeks until bikes will be allowed on the trails.


Cool thx!


I went for a run in Spider and Skull Thursday afternoon. Conditions were wet and sloppy. Someone had cut several drainage ditches on Replicator (thank you).


Bowater is rideable, today it was slush/snow over frozen ground, slippery, but pretty decent riding. I’m gonna hit it up tomorrow AM again, before the snow rolls in.


Where are the Bowater trails? Out by the water towers on the 103?


Yeah, there are some trails there, plus loads of atv trails, and logging roads.


Covered every inch of the logging roads and atv trails over the years. Just curious if there’s any good single track.


There is a bunch of great new technical singletrack there at the entrance (off to the right and up the road through the gate) and back at the Annapolis Hiking Trails.


Thought we were done with this thread :disappointed: If anyone is out today let us know what the HRM trails are like so we can plan for Tuesday’s group ride.


Only making this call from an office but crusher dust is most likely


Considering the temps that’s not a bad assumption. A lot of fight would be rideable too. Most other things will likely be very soft with the slow melting snow on top of it.


No snow in the Valley. :sunglasses:




Yeah, I drove up to work from Sackville this morning. Snowy, ice-packed roads out of Sacville. Dry roads from Avonport to Kentville. Hardly any snow here.


Any idea what condition the Valley trails are in? If they’re rideable, maybe I’ll stay in the Valley for a ride after work tomorrow.


Bird Sanctuary might be your best option. There is likely still a small amount of snow/ice in places, but overall should be good to go. It drains and dries really quick in there.
I haven’t been to Reservoir Park, but it could be getting drier in there as well. @MichelleLikesBikes or @pepperjester would know best.


Went out this morning to some of the best crunchiest snow out there hard packed solid ground too at dominion, flip, suzie q, and whisky! Melting fast now though. 1 tree down at flip.


Thanks @JoshM. I was thinking Reservoir Park. Maybe I’ll try Bird Sanctuary about 5:00.


Shubie crusher dust is mostly clear with no problems getting through the few small snow covered sections and they will be gone soon.