2017/18 Winter Trail Conditions


Rode Bird Sanctuary last evening:
There’s a ditch across the entrance road to the sand pit. It looks like the trail washed out from water flowing between the two ponds on either side of the road. It’s crossable - I carried my bike over.

The rest of the trail is a mix of conditions. Mostly dry, except where it isn’t.
The singletrack to the left off the entrance road is very dry, except for one spot where there’s still snow on the trail. I followed the ATV trail at the top fairly dry until towards the subdivision, where there’s some snow. Trail across the field back in snowy and wet. Singletrack into the woods from here started dry, and then got wetter into the shade of the trees. Took early exit to the right back to the doubletrack. Went up along sand pit, and followed downhill trail toward Evergreen. Mostly dry, except for a few spots. Followed doubletrack back. Mostly dry, except for a few shaded sections where there was snow and ice across the trail. Did not do singletrack past the shack or along the river as those sections have a lot of trees, and expected them to have less sun exposure.


Rode Sackville Lake Trails for the first time today. There are still many snow patches but all are easy to ride.


I rode the entire loop around the river last night @Rockhopper
It’s in really good shape for this time of year with only one wet crossing. No problem last night with 2.3s


Thanks, @JoshM. Wish I could get out today, but it’s not likely going to happen.


Looks like I’ll need to use the spin bike at work for a few days…


Weather looks good where I’ll be! :slight_smile: Just need to find a bike…


Bowater was really good today, I suspect most places were decent.

@Rolls was that you I rode beside a bit up the fireroad, you went to the lake loop?


@pmachan yep. I thought that was you, recognized the bike from a pic you posted recently.