2017/18 Winter Trail Conditions


Was out at Irishmans on Friday and things where slick and hard. Most trails I would say where “studs recommend” with the exception of Drop Zone where studs are required.

I expect with the rain and cold weather to follow that it will quickly become studs required system wide.


Listed on Trail Forks as Lemondrop Pickles. :confused::grey_question:


Jus out at Nine Mile. Very icy, at least at the entrance. Didn’t walk in too far and didn’t ride since we don’t have studded tires on yet.


Rode Shubie. Mostly bare, lots of icy patches to be careful of. Can get over or around almost all of them. Studs not required.


Victoria Park:

Everything out in the open like the pipeline, dump loop, or any of the roads are all ice (a bit snow covered now). The trails in the woods are a little better. Still some ice in spots though. Definitely not worth riding without studs.

From @heretodestroy


Spider Lake was great this morning. A little icy on the double track but everything in the woods was mint and rideable without studs. Fantastic conditions really


Was out at nine mile today. Cleared a lot of deadfall off the trails with @gtrguy . On the main trail to the water there is still 2 or 3 that you will need to walk over. On the optional loop there is a few as well and there is also a descent amount of broadwalk flipped and now frozen from higher water levels a few weeks back.

If you have studs it’s worth riding but be mindful it’s slicker then it looks under the snow. Especially on the boardwalks.


Yes studs highly recommended. Great conditions other than the dead falls Chris mentioned.


I should have mentioned about Spider Lake that there is a significant amount of deadfall down. On Mississippi we had to get off and walk around a few downed trees. Nothing but a chainsaw will clear these. We hauled a half dozen or so out of the way but had to leave quite a few others.


Anyone been to Gore since the weekend? Wondering if there’s much snow there.

@MichaelB any info?


…also waiting on a Gore report!


Mixed conditions in the Kentville area. Some spots are pretty icy. Not too much snow for regular bikes yet.


Whopper is is pretty good shape. Exposed granite sections have a fair amount of ice. Da Minion, Flipside, and Scotch are all frozen hero dirt though. Small ice patches on Deathmarch keeps you on your toes.

Edit: I rode with plain old studless skinnies.


like a boss?!


@coaster Gore is amazing right now. The snow is light enough to not affect the ride at all…even on skinnies. Studs recommended though as there are a number icy patches hidden under the snow.


Fight was pretty good yesterday. Pretty icy in places I was riding studless skinny 26" wheels and I only had to dismount maybe a dozen times. Most of the ice I could either avoid or ride carefully over.

Triple S was perfect except for all of the deadfall - cleared most of it, but there are two trees that need to be cut out near the end I’ll probably take my bow saw the next time out.
There are also two very large trees blocking the Flat Lake Loop trail just past the entrance/exit to Triple S that will need a chainsaw to cut.

Other than that, the Attic, Lous, Triple S and Flat Lake Loop were amazing, just need to be ridden cautiously. Love the new entrance at the cul-de sac on Alabaster with the new connector trail to the old entrance.


Just back from a hike. Perfect conditions for ice tires and hero dirt.


Norawarren Trail was great today. Hero dirt except for 3 or 4 icy patches. All but one ridearoundable. Studs not required.

Spider was also good today. Ice on main road going in, but the rest was great. Also no studs required.


Where at Jeff, Daminion?


I’ve heard Keppoch is in mint condition. A little bit of snow but not enough to slow you down on skinnies. Studs recommended.