2017/18 Winter Trail Conditions


^ ^ Ahh so you did make it out last night. I took down those trees you mentioned.


I noticed. Very nice. That’s worth a round of beer on me!


I can work with that!


Any word on conditions at Nine Mile river past couple of days? I will be going by tomorrow evening and may sneak an evening ride in.


What is going to be rideable without studs on Saturday morning? Fattie or otherwise


It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve been able to get there for a ride. Last time there were a few large deadfalls, hopefully not more now but I wouldn’t be surprised if there are. A lot of that forest is dead or dying and it doesn’t take a ton of wind to push some more trees down.


Saw that the MVP trails have been groomed. Hopefully ride it Sunday!


I just got back Fight a little while ago and unfortunately the snow was a bit heavy/deep/crunchy for my skinnies. Kept thinking it would be a blast on a fat bike.


Any report on Spider…? I want to ride skinny tires tomorrow morning.


Looking to get out tomorrow also, any guidance on trails fit for studded skinnies appreciated!


Skinny tires? You all must be riding nice road bikes! :joy:


Not THAT skinny! LOL

I guess it’s all relative… 2.35 for me… skinny compared to those fatbike dudes and I’m still riding old fashioned 26" wheels, oh the shame of it! :joy:


Haha long live 26’s!
Still rollin on em.
26x2.5 on the manik and 26x2.65 on the atomik


I’ve seen on Strava that a few fatties have been through, not sure how good it is though. Planning to check out some trails on Sunday when it cools back down.


Looks like it’s going to cool off tonight and stay below freezing tomorrow. Anyone have any guesses as to whether anything in the Wolfville / Kentville area will be rideable with either 2.25" studded or 2.8" unstudded tires?


Tried to ride Spider this morning. It was shitty. I rode up the road and back. Then I went to Shubie and blasted around for a while.


Snowshoed around Irishman’s today. Wet snow is starting to pack in from walkers on the main loops and conditions look decent for those inclined to fat bike. Looks too soft for anything under a 3" tire.


Anything out there packed/frozen enough to ride?


Anyone know if shubie is rideable without studs?


Also wondering if any trails in HRM are rideable without a fat bike or studs?