2017/18 Winter Trail Conditions


I rode Wrandees this morning and the conditions were great. I just came back from a walk at Shubie and the trails were also very good but very busy there


Just been to spider on my plus bike… I wish I’d taken my fat bike though.

It was rideable, but bloody hard work


Walked a bit of wrandees today. Was wishing I could bike it for sure.


Keppoch has the east and west summit groomed , hard enough for skinny’s , big Allan trail is mostly groomed , east of awesome , noodle, barbs bypass, Annie the camel , and DH trail chicken cougar/ half of dollar is done about 11kms of trail total .


Oh that was you on the teal Norco? I was one of the three guys on fatties.

With a fatty, Spider is incredible right now. Ribbon is perfect. Replicator is decent. Humps needs a few more rides and Skull back to the first big climb/the lake is awesome.

If you have wide tires, get in there. If it cools down, it should be good for all bikes by early this week.

Honestly, on a fat bike in there today it was a fucking religious experience. I’m still buzzing.


I hit Long Lake this afternoon and it was actually pretty awesome riding on my 2.25" non-studded tires. Deeper in it got a bit dicey, and everywhere had quite a few ice patches, but overall traction wasn’t too bad and a great time. Sticking to the more popular areas was key, much more packed down and skinny tire-friendly.


Wrandees is dynamite right now. Perfect hard packed grippy snow with minimal ice.

Hopefully we don’t lose too much snow in the warm temps tomorrow.


HRM trails are a little too dry and dusty for my liking today, lovely day for a road tour tho. Time to bust out the spandex and set a land record. Hope i dont get sunburnt!


What areas of wrandees were rideable? Spider was killer last night too, so grippy and fast everywhere.


At wrandees the pipeline loop and rosebowl loop are rideable and in mint condition. I ventured towards red tail but it started to deteriorate the further I went. Not sure what the trails are like coming in from the NorthWest Arm Dr. side.


Fight Trail was a beauty today. Some muck but not nearly as much as I envisioned, a lot more clear & dry than anticipated.


Just rode Whopper from Dominion.
Dominion is icy dirt mix, studs recommended
Fire road bypass is the same.
Powerline is a mix of ice, hero dirt, open water and mud.
Suzy lake loop is mostly loose corn snow, hard work even on a fat bike, would be impassable on skinnies.


However flip side and scotch are mint. Can get away with just 27.5s. Fun as hell skidding at times.:laughing:


I should have ridden flipside!


Rode some Whopper today. Daminion was icy, barely rideable on my skinnies with no studs. Fire roads were the worst I’ve ever seen them—huge patches of only ice with a layer of water over them, zero traction (made for good shoe slidin’ tho). Powerline wasn’t too bad, especially the higher up routes with more granite (dirt was very soggy). Deathmarch, however was probably the best of them all. Some parts were ice covered, but lots of decent dirt. Some snow but it was rideable and fun for sure.


The dog and I thought the snow/rain/snow would make a good base for riding daminion/flipside. Not so much-still patches of ice underneath a layer of crusty snow underneath a few inches of powder. Ended up walking the bike more than anything. Downhills were fun. Bailed out to the first exit to the powerline. A few people going through with snowshoes would make it awesome-
I May do that tomorrow…


Ice underneath the snow yesterday at Bird Sanctuary. Was still enough grip without studs as long as you made no sudden moves on the tight turns


I was at Shubie last night. The plowed sections were…plowed. The places that do not get plowed, like along both sides of the canal, were thick and soft but rideable on a fattie. There was a considerable amount of ice under there but I didn’t have too much trouble. With the foot traffic that will be there today I suspect the riding will be good to great tonight. Might even venture out the Lake Charles Extension if it has seen some foot traffic

I did follow a skinny track along one side of the canal. Good for whoever that was. That would have required a HUGE commitment to a high pedal stroke rate. LOL that used to be me before I made the fattie leap.


From the folks in PEI

“I tried out one of our grooming attachments this morning at the Rotary Park. It worked great and left some pretty awesome looking corduroy groomed trail!”


Anyone out today? Assume it’s prime conditions everywhere for studs.