2017/18 Winter Trail Conditions


Just enough packable snow to render studs almost useless against hidden snow lurking underneath.


Bowater is insanely good right now. Hero dirt and ice that studs will actual bite into. Highly recommended.


Poppy the trail dog and I checked out fight trail late this morning- mainly attic/basement area from the cul de sac entrance. Dirt mostly frozen with ice needle frost heaves. There were however some spots that were softening significantly towards midday under the sun. Scattered off camber ice was also mixed with some flowing water in spots.
Any previously rutted spots were still frozen.
I wouldn’t recommend in afternoon sun or if couple degrees warmer.
Roller coaster ride of emotions between loving studs on ice and wondering how many I might lose on the granite…


I feel your pain!


For what it is worth, I was out last night at Area 25 and the trails were very gooey. Maybe better today after a freeze but they were brutal last night


24 and 25 were perfect frozen dirt today, except for the frozen ruts from someone riding on it when it was too soft.


If you are looking at me I turned around and left when I saw the trail conditions. I am more trail responsible than that


Not at all! Assumed as much from your posts on here. Hoping whoever it was sees this though :wink:


9 Mile River has lots of ice, I wouldn’t make the drive if you don’t have studded tires. The lake at the end was nice and solid as well.


Was out for a quick check on Irishman’s. Mostly skinny friendly with a few frozen meltwater slabs across the trail. Single track was very happy hero dirt. Nice surprise on a Tuesday!

(Just nice to be outside for a change)


Has anyone been to Fight Trail? Hoping to g tomorrow morning if the conditions are rideable studless. Fattie or skinny


Nine Mile was superb today, going to be great tonight too I’m sure. Studs definitely recommended but could be ridden without with care on the icy spots. Mostly snow dusted trail.


Our buddy was in there this morning. Very icy, Kirk.


Did a relatively brief reconnaissance of the lower trails at Keppoch late this afternoon. Thin layer of nice snow over everything however Several icy stretches hidden underneath, often at switchbacks and off camber sections. I washed out several times even with studded fat tires although mayhaps my pressures were a bit too high. Still a blast though as always-it certainly might be less icy on higher/lesser travelled trails. Recommend soft and studded!


WAs at Victroia Park yesterday and even though we had a few riders without studs I would highly recommend them. Other then a lot of icy patches the trails are a blast!!! Really good conditions all around with only a couple spots that got chewed up when it was softer then froze.


The gorge was icy but frozen ground my fat w/ studs had a blast. Melting fast though won’t recommend biking there till we get another snowy day or frigid temps.


Anyone been out recently? Any HRM trails in okay condition to ride?


Hero dirt this morning. Still subzero outside so should be crispy everywhere.


Fight was in great shape this morning. Minimal ice, most dirt frozen, very little mud.


Road Gore today and everything was solid except the newest part of the bunny run that goes on some dikes and along a field. If things stay a bit cloudy things may stay good in the trees even with the plus digits coming but I would be prepared to turn around.

If you plan to go out I would say go early and plan to be off the trails by 12 before they start warming up.

Also we did clean up 4-5 downed trees but there are a few more with one in particular needing a chain saw.