2017/18 Winter Trail Conditions


Deluxe conditions at 9 mile river this evening. Frozen dirt and a few icy sections. Super glad I made it out!


I walked Spider Lake (replicator, ribbon, skull, humps an inner peace) on Sunday. The double track up is wet and icy, skull was pretty good but the rest is wet. Only real ice was on ribbon of love. Maybe rideable without damage if we get a hard freeze but it’s rutted up in spots. Conditions were way better at Gore which we rode today.


Spider/Skull were perfect hero dirt at 9:30am yesterday. On the way out at 11:00am, Replicator was already getting soft.


Anyone think it’s too soft for spider today? Thinking of making the drive out this am…


I would think it would be very soft there.


Thanks, I’ll pass on it then.


I rode a bit of Da Minion last night and conditions were actually awesome. Snow was really crunchy and grippy, and the ground was almost all frozen hero dirt.


Any trails in good enough condition to ride today? (no studded tires or Fatbike)


@Jacob assuming you’re in Halifax you won’t need studs or a fatty anywhere.

Some trails that don’t get too soft or stay wet for very long are whopper lake loop, flipside, evil birch, lou’s basement, the attic, shubie, macdonald sports park.


There is still some ice on valley trails with the popular ones have some mud too.


Just got out of Spider Lake and most of the single track should not be ridden at all. Started down skull and it seems fine though. Didn’t go the hole way though.


Most of Fight is in great shape. A few boggy holes, but they’re the same ones that are wet in July, and the ground isn’t too soft, so there aren’t any ruts being created.

We stayed off of Osprey and Spar because that dirt is usually so soft, but I heard from other riders during tailgate beers that they were also pretty dry.


I will second everything Jeff said. Fight was great this morning. I rode both Spar and Osprey and surprisingly they are not soft at all. A little bit of gravel work has helped the normally gooey spots


Shubie was great last night!

I heard through the grapevine that Bird sanctuary and Gorge were fantastic as well.

Anyone from NB or PEI have updates, I feel a road trip soon.


Im hitting Bird tonight after work. Its been drying nicely in there!


What time? I may be doing the same.


Leaving at about 530 from my place in Coldbrook.


Might see you in there. I’d wait and meet you but I’ve only got time for a short ride today.


Next time! I ended up heading west and checking out some of the stuff off Spittal Road


Fight (Lou’s and Attic) don’t suck today. No ice and maybe 70% bare granite and 30% slushy snow. The snowy patches are not deep and rideable with a little extra effort.