2017 Pic From Every Ride


Amazing time at Empire Trails today. Thanks @tommyboy & @adventurer for the tour, and many other for the great company and fun times.


Keji pit stop


Evil Birch with @Ghost and @adventurer. Might be one of my favourite trails.


I haven’t been on this trail yet. If you ride from Kent down the side of the 102 is the entrance obvious? How long does it take to ride? I guess I could look it up on Trailforks.


The actual entrance into the trails can be difficult to spot.

On the far side of the quarry you will see a trail that heads up a steep hillside just off the quarry perimeter road.


@wayners see the Evil Birch thread for more info.


Ok, thanks. Love new trails!


ATV trails behind the Ellershouse wind turbines. @Maritimer and I shortcutted the lake on traditional bear scare (reverse) and the shortcut was pretty much a lake for maybe a quarter of it.


Took Zoe and Pete down hill at Fitz.

They liked this tree for some reason.


Is that the section we rode that year when it was frozen? I remember cattails sticking up through the ice.


Yeah that’s right. We passed a side by side coming towards us a few minutes before we hit the wet sections so I was surprised as to how wet it was. The cattail section was later on I think.


Thats a chunk of chaga right there!


@GaryC :

@CyclingGirl and I were driving by Sussex last weekend. I mentioned the Bluff trail, and suggested that it’s probably not a real trail…

…because of course, it’s just Bluffing. :slight_smile:


Groan… lol. I named one of my strava rides. Bluffing with Luke. That’s no lie lol


Laura by Douglas Smith, on Flickr
Michael by Douglas Smith, on Flickr


I would not recommend sticking your tongue out while riding single track.


Anybody riding tonight? I want to take a picture lol


Bird Sanctuary evening ride.


River crossing near the head of Big Indian Lake.


Bridge in skull trail could use some attention