2017 Pic From Every Ride


Go ahead @maxidodies. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!




Those jerseys look stellar!


Evening Ride with Sean on the BLT Trails


It’s not a pic most people
Would share but what the hell. A pic from my first trip to Evil Birch…


Ouch bud. Is your bike OK?


Bike is fine lol. Pride is crushed!


It happens! We’ve all been there…


Got a quick ride in this morning at Whopper just before the showers hit *phone/forum is not cooperating :confused:


Phone/uploads do that for me too. Somehow you need to rotate the picture in an editor.

I’m guessing some phones just rotate based on embedded metadata from tilt sensors. Which the site upload doesn’t do because it strips metadata and does not modify your pictures.


I tried that and re-uploaded it, same result though.



Just downloaded it then opened it in phones editor and did the rotate thing. It may have worked because the download has stuff stripped from it.


Really looking forward to my first evil birch run now :grinning: Lol, has anybody called it evil b*tch yet?


I should judging by my facial wounds lol


Some shots from my first time at Keppoch Mountain. It was a blast!! And that’s pee or larger sized hail on the car on the ride home.


Survived the thunder, rain and hail. Good times with the bro’s. #weekendwarriors


My phone won’t let me upload pics anymore, so here a link to a Quik GoPro edit from our Keppoch ride. Three climbs, three descents, one rain storm rolling on as we neared the top of the third climb.