2017 Pic From Every Ride


You guys legit look like a race team!
You’ll have to refrain from judging me in my plain clothes haha


Competed in Du It Like Bryan at Wentworth on the weekend: a 20K ride in the Wentworth trail system sandwiched between two 4.5K trail runs. My friend Becky and I teamed up: she ran, I biked. It was good times, but holy hell do I ever need to work on my cardio! It was also a tad wet in spots due to the recent rains. Our team was “Duin’ Time”, and we tried going with a jailbird theme, but it was too hot for the striped long-sleeve she had for her part of the costume.

Dirty bike:

Me and Becky post-race:


Nice to see the ol’ bridge is holding up…


@TheBuilder that thing’s not going anywhere. Should be a good size group there again tonight with the MEC ride.

FYI we laid your half sawn trees across a couple boggy sections on the riverside trail. The flies were too bad to really shore them up properly though :grin:


Thanx Rolls and crew!

Splitting them was the easy part… getting them moved requred a bit more than a crew of 1.


The crew that came out for the preride, and the remainder of the bonfire after those who came back to the cottage left. Great ride, great folks.


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Haha. I’m glad we took this photo before I got the nickname Tumbleweed :stuck_out_tongue:


Rails to trails in the valley


/Users/owner/Pictures/Photos Library.photoslibrary/Thumbnails/2017/06/23/20170623-231931/59wYPycqQzmhiz6a5p0d9g/thumb_IMG_0289.MOV_1024.jpg

Is that an ecmtb jersey I see in Rockwood Park, Saint John NB??


Anyone know how to convert an apple video to something compatible?? #firstworldproblems.


Like this?


Yeah, like that lol.


More from a couple weeks back


Fight Trail today:

Spider Lake yesterday:


This isn’t even half the folks who were at Gore tonight.


Stopped counting at 20, and there were more!


I counted 26 cars and some of those had 2 or 3 people in them.


2017/06/27 ECMTB Group Ride Empire Trails:

Thanks @MichaelB, @tommyboy and @Rolls for hosting, leading, and organizing, and everyone else for the fun ride!


A few from Cape Split…