2017 Pic From Every Ride


Envy! since I got no bike yet and it’s 30min to #throwbackthursday #duncanscove


Fitz! Good times.


Wearing the colours while in Quebec,Ontario.


View from my morning road ride.


Great ride at whopper tonight!


Good commute on this gentle road bike


Thursday night at the Whopper Dropper


The Range & Evil Birch today


Victoria Park awesomeness.



Pics from Day Two in Wentworth

The Hostel at Wentworth. The manager Andrew is fantastic! I had a great ride on the trails, and great conversation after supper.

At the look off.

Which way is the trai?

Flats happen…especially when you forget to unlock your rear suspension.


Some shots from taking @riderx for a tour though Victoria Park. What a blast!


Photos from the Tuesday ride in Victoria Park. Always worth the trip!


There were reports of a samsquatch at Fitzpatrick mountain this afternoon. The only pic taken was this one…

Reportedly, he was so fast no one get a clear shot otherwise…he later sent a communication to local media indicating that Uncle Leo’s Red ale is really good!


Giving the Keppoch XC course a shot today


Solo ride out Waverly Road to Lake Williams


Fractured rib saturday night. Back on some light trails today (was my day off, couldn’t resist!)
Only painful part is listening to my wife say "i told you so. Youre not a kid anymore. Keep your damn wheels on the ground"
Be safe!


I think everyone of us is a kid when we throw a leg over a bike and head for the trails. Hope the rib feels better soon.


A couple of bikes parked in Breda, Netherlands. The biking infrastructure here is incredible! We could learn a lot from them!


I wish we could get even half their bike infrastructure!