2017 Pic From Every Ride


I was over a few years back and the amount of bicycles everywhere is staggering. Your pic is a very common scene over there, with some places having MUCH larger parking areas filled with bicycles. There is much more of a focus on healthy lifestyles than here in NA, as well. It is common there to have huge community events and festivals focused around fitness activities.


I was in the Netherlands on cyclecamping holiday a few years ago. Excellent local and regional infrastructure for sure. And much safer to cycle than walk!

There are a couple differences between the Netherlands and Atlantic Canada:

  1. The Netherlands is flat
  2. The Netherlands is densely populated (everything is close, motor vehicle traffic is congested)

Not to say we shouldn’t have better infrastructure, it’s just that they more pros and fewer cons than we have for cycling places, even without good infrastructure. I do think we would have more people cycling with better infrastructure, and I know I would drive less commuting to my office, but we just don’t have the necessary conditions to become the Netherlands any time soon.


Thursday evening on the Lake Loop at Whopper. Spectacular night to ride. Hot as hell but the beer afterwards was orgasmic :slight_smile:

edit: maybe someone knows how to rotate the photo


Nice! Hit up Nine Mile Last night and it was fantastic also. I bit hot and humid but conditions are getting pretty good in there- still a few mud holes that need to dry up but overall a great ride!


We were at Nine Mile yesterday, too. Thought it would be drier. Still had a great ride.


Weekly Tuesday Evening ride!




Cool mushrooms from the Bird Sanctuary


Some shots from my first time to Blomidon Park last Wednesday with @riderx and @EvanW


Evil Birch on Saturday morning.


Ever worry about leaving your bike out at a campground? Take no chances! Keeps it protected in the event of rain too.


Secret training grounds for Redbull 2018 event.


Good times with crew! Nice to meet new buds too.


Tuesday’s Whopper, great ride everyone!


Looks like it was a good ride! Sad I didn’t eat to make it last night :stuck_out_tongue:


Sunset from the Rails to Trails.


I just like the lighting…from the patio at Paddy’s Pub.


From the MARC trails.

MARC Trails


Hooked up with @spelham for a couple rides at Brookvale and Bonshaw. Easily two of the best trails in the maritimes! We got a grand total of one picture. We were having way too much flowy fun to stop for pics.


From tonights ride: