2017 Pic From Every Ride


Actually, after seeing your pic, I think you guys were just going in as I was leaving, you were parked at end of the road? My car was in town, so when I came out I rode up the road to town.


We were having too much fun to stop for any action shots from Brookvale and Bonshaw. This is all I’ve got…



Were you on a full-suspension Specialized???

Remember seeing one go by as we were getting ready to ride…


Yup, that was me. White Camber.


Figured you were a local riding back into town!!!


Nope, I park at the Cabbose in town, then road ride it up to Geiger Counter, do 8200, then over to the area you were, I am usually only there 1-2 times a summer, so I try and get in every trail, and some multiple times!


What the CB Highlands lacks in screaming singletrack, it more than makes up for in scenic trails.


Some snaps from tonight’s ride at Irishman’s Road. Thanks to Mike for leading us through the darkness. I’m going to go and get a proper light.


Thats a slick looking bike @Rolls :stuck_out_tongue:


Friday night at the 4X track with a great crew!


MacDonald sports park ride, paused by the lake.


And the view from the lake


The Atomik is alive and well again with a new fork thanks to a couple good friends!
Pre-ride excitement


That’s a beast!


Sweet- the “London Calling” Marzocchi…


Early morning Whopper with @JeffV






Jeff rolled into the shot and ruined it.