2017 Pic From Every Ride


These two were handing the downhills pretty good. Rode down Fitz, Free rider, Ella Awesome and Kilt. The liked Kilt the best.


I was there yesterday too. What a beauty of a day


Great crew & great riding at Sugarloaf the weekend of Sept 29th


Great ride at Whopper last night!


Explored the “ancient”

entrance gateway of Fight trail aka Macintosh trails.


Tried whopper power lines with the kids. They loved it. Some hike a bike but not bad.


Went there today too,introduce 2 new buddies of mine into mTB.


I got a ride in there too yesterday


Trees down at the secret loop and lake loop #fightrail Can anyone lend me a hacksaw? I’m more than willing to cut them up. Thanks


Nature’s way of telling you that you should avoid Secret Loop. :grin:


Maybe that’s why it’s a secret…


Waiting for the Train

The Crew!


Some new friends along the trail!


Tuesday Whopper with the crew.


Man I need to get out to the next ride! Feels like I haven’t ridden with a lot of you in forever.


I finally remembered to take a pic on a ride and post it!


That looks so awesome. Gore?


Couple shots from the Cookies and Eggnog Fat Bike Ride


Snow days are the best of days


Yup, Gore.