2017 Pic From Every Ride


What’s nine mile river like these days? Was thinking about getting out there sometime soon.


@Rolls A mix of bare ground and ice, a section or two of hard snow. Studs required but very rideable with them. Rode to the lake but didn’t do the back loop.

2016/17 Winter Trail Conditions

Upgraded the Chromag to 10 speed with XT brakes and did a run today to bed the studs. Not super fun, but could be worse.


secret ride with secret cinematography on the works yesterday w/the masters :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:#teaser


Lol, not much mastery of anything.

Fun though.


today’s excursion @darkmyth sighting.


Had a blast out near Old Barns out side of Truro.


Sketchy looking crew.


It looks like we’re being line up firing squad style.


“Ma’am, can you identify the perpetrator from this lineup?”


Went for a ride tonight but didn’t get far!


@Chris_Dwyer-perkins and I took a spin through Da Minion, Suzie Q, and Scotch this afternoon. Great conditions, though some spots made me glad to have studs, and others I’d not want to go through with skinny tires right now.


Here’s a picture from Vivian’s Way in Shubie. I made sure to get a picture of the lake, on the off chance that the picture would help it freeze.


mint conditions Saturday Jan 21@whopper w/ FArTBROs



Quick test ride of Zoe’s ice tires. Worked great.

Didn’t go too far. I don’t trust the ice on the lake enough yet. Hoping for another cold snap.


I agree. @shadowfox70 was out on it but I feel like the temps have been to up and down to be 100% sure.


Got some early season laps in on the DH bike today with Kyle, Michelle, Mike and Dukas.

Good times!


Out for a little spin in the Whopper area with @shadowfox70 today. He’s a beast for getting out on the lake without studs!


The bridge at the bottom of Cape Split. The trails were all ice…too much for hiking, let alone biking.

So, I locked up the bike and had a beer on the ocean floor with this awesome view.