2017 Pic From Every Ride



Inspected the not yet completed new entrance to Fight (McIntosh Run Trails). It’s going to be sweet when complete.


From the trails near Mahone Bay


Bird Sanctuary…


More Bird Sanctuary


Definitely have to check out the Bird Sanctuary one of these days. Don’t see it on trail forks…


Happy to give a tour.


Great snowy ride in Gore with @rolls @Chris_Dwyer-perkins. Also Kevin who had to retire early due to a broken rear axle




Haven’t been out in a while, and I haven’t rode in the winter in years. Had to relearn how to deal with some cold issues!

Also, it seems that fight has some signage now!


That is some seriously good looking signage!!!

Must have been a fantastic company that made those. I wonder if they could help with all my printing and signage needs??


Someone hasn’t been following the progress of MRWA trail builds and upgrades. :wink:


@muddy won’t say it so I will…his company BroMoc Print has been a great friend to the local MTB community for years. Producing signage for trails like McIntosh Run, Spider, etc. and even making our ECMTB banners. Thanks @muddy !


They do look awesome. Great edition for people who are visiting.


From a little jaunt around Six Mile Lake…


Very cool! Is there rideable access to six mile lake? Up off the BLT I’m guessing?


Yep, there’s a nice little trail right at the 2K marker on the BLT. Takes you right to the lake.


My first photo in this thread… because it was my first ride in NS, around Fall River / Fletchers Lake


Welcome to your new home! We turned down the thermostat for you!