2017 Pic From Every Ride



Took the trials bike over to the beach today. All the loose rolling rocks made even the smallest moves way harder. Still good fun!




Good times with the crew, the pipeline was mint👌. Special Thanks to the mtb’s best friend, The snowshoers!


So nice to see the sun! I tested out a new-to-me function of the GoPro Hero 5 today; turn on the GPS and it will give you lots more details, including approximate speed. So starting off on the downhill, I hammered all I could onto the fat bike.




Solo ride at Spider Lake, a beautiful Spring day once the fog disappeared.

No jacket, just a long-sleeved shirt. I feel I could have done well with finger-less gloves today, too! Is this really February?


Brother you look like a survivor outcast on vacation. :grimacing:



Still “winter” out in the woods. Stopped for a moment on a trials ride today to get a few shots. Sorry no features in this round just some hopping around and silly poses.


Some pics from my sons, Sean, first ride in shubie.


That’s awesome! Pics of the year right there!


Man, everyone has a fat bike but me. Even the little guy


You could have one too, @muddy! (cough)(cough)


Solo riding to this 50shadesof-never ending great wall of cotton to hard pack slack line like atv double track of snow! :laughing:#blttrail #hfxtobikenbean


Wow… that doesn’t look fun to clean lol.


Yeah poor bud he had a blast though! Look at the pedals it’s smiling. Ice is melting now and gonna get he’s awaited TLC tomorrow unless any of you guys wants to ride again.


@Nige the snow seems solid enough to ride on top of. How was it?


@Rolls See Winter Trail Conditions thread.


My Dee Dee on the rocks!