2017 Pic From Every Ride


That is an awesome pic wonder if we could used this for shirt additional bikers with the forefathers?! :grimacing::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Very dramatic lighting and clouds. Nice shot.


Anyways, I was out ebirch before the ride yesterday and this is the only wooden piece left for that rotten bridge. Just sad as it is one of my fav trails.


Yeah that is a shame.




Will try to hustle something out at first chance to get out. If nobody else beats me to it :slight_smile:


Wee bit o fog on Whopper/Powerline last night…


From Zoe’s first whopper ride:


Half of tonight’s group ride contingent enjoying the sunset on Evil Birch:


A little dark… but I swear we’re all eight of us are in this one, putting our stamp of approval on Dom’s new bridge.


Here’s another angle, but only seven this time.


@Dominator kudos on that bridge, well done my friend.


Nice. Upgrading SWL to 8 person :slight_smile:


Bell Park


Some shots from the ride at Fight


A couple more pics from today’s Fight Trail ride.

Also there is a short video commentary on the transportation method of choice that a certain rider chose to take today:


Everyone and their dog was in Fight today. Although you’d never know it from this pic.


That rock needs a wall ride!!!


I was tempted to try climbing it, but the cleats on my bike shoes would have been troublesome.


Spider Lake-4 by Douglas Smith, on Flickr