2018/19 Winter Trail Conditions


I couldn’t imagine riding in the woods anywhere this weekend. Even the crusher dust at Shubie was soggy and full of puddles.

Anyone have any ideas? I suppose parts of Fight are good but lots is unrideable too


Road. Bike.


Skatepark. Actually, I really haven’t done a skatepark ride in a while. Might have to do that next week.

If the rain takes the snow and ice off it, the Cole Harbour paved bike path might be an option.



No. Thanks



I saw a ride on Strava from Norrawarren…I can’t imagine it was a good ride…but…?


Flipside is great right now if you like ice and more ice! Better have studs and get it while it’s frozen.


Same at Spider/Skull.


Same at wrandees.


Nine Mile was excellent last night- almost all ice and some hard frozen snow. Studs a must!


Evil Birch at Kearney Lake Road Quarry was a bit icy on Sun Mar 17. It shouldn’t take long to melt. I think it would be alright for fatties or studs but not skinny tires.