2018 Pic From Every Ride


Missed out on the Tuesday ride at Fight, so had to take advantage of the nice weather this evening. It was the first time riding there this year, and only rode there twice last year. The trails are great!


Hit Gore twice this weekend. Trails are better than ever. There is a new entrance trail so no we don’t have to ride through the wet, rutted field to find the first of the singletrack.






Sweet. I thought I was one of the only Marin Riders around.




I ride a Marin Mount Vision full-suspension rig…

They make sweet, sweet bikes…Love mine…




My next bike (not for a while) is torn between the new SQ and the Rift Zone!



Started work on my in yard pump and jump track

Evening 1 : gap one


She’s fast when it’s nose is pointed downhill. Pretty sure I PRd a few climbs too if my Strava would work. Beauty of an evening at Vic Park l.


In yard quarter pipe is now rideable :smiley:

Sessioned this for a while tonight!


Looking good!



Thanks for the deal man. She will get lots of ride time!


Didn’t make it to Fitz so we headed out to see what Empire was like, didn’t see a soul!


From the Fitz ride today.


More from Fitz…great turnout, great ride.



Rode Spider Lake trails for the first time yesterday. Super fun :grinning: