2018 Pic From Every Ride


2018-06-24_08-58-58 by Douglas Smith, on Flickr


Good to meet! Had a blast. Will have some cool footage edited soon


quick shot from the first run of the season. felt pretty good after time off with a concussion and broken orbital, cant wait til the rust is gone!


full run at https://youtu.be/AX-SfFqyN14 down chicken cougar


Fight with @Jetter and @shadowfox70



Cool man, I gotta say I’m definitely liking most of the changes to Chicken Cougar, it’s super fun!


Yeah i love the facelift it got! Much more punchy jumps and more plentiful jumps too. Cant wait til new trails open! A must go for everyone!

  • not to get this quick question broken off into a different topic any further, but which features did you not quite enjoy? Im still a bit iffy on the new big tabletop over the stumps haha. Feel free to Pm me


Quick clip from another run down keppoch. Super close call with some trees haha felt my arm hair brush against one when i can be heard yelling ‘whoooo!’


The trail is great but there’s a series of 6 or 7 rollers about halfway down that I haven’t figured out. I end up scrubbing a lot of speed so I can roll them smoothly without airing over them. if they were spaced a bit differently it might be possible to jump them in pairs. Maybe it’s just me that sucks lol



Great Ride! Thanks everyone for the great time!



Was to busy climbing to get photos on the ride but man Grey Mountain is fun!!!


That’s the new shimano crankless drive train.




That would be a reason for the Chromag to be out.


Going too fast :smirk:


Wow. I’ve never seen anyone break a crank like that.Is there a good story to go with the picture?


I hope so :smiley: