2018 Pic From Every Ride


Front flatted and ate it at powerline today. Dislocated shoulder, maybe a fractured finger or two, scrapes and bumps. Got the shoulder back in on the hike back to the car. At emerg waiting for X-rays. Bummer.


Shit man! Heal up quick.


Jeez, that sucks. Heal up, buddy.


Thanks for the live reporting though. Lol.


Shoulder was back in correctly, small fracture that I have to go for a follow up and more X-rays probably later this week.
Arm is in a sling and its feeling alright.


Haha, it was pretty boring sitting and laying around lol nothing better to do




Yikes! Similar happened to me June 2017, I fractured an elbow when front tire went flat off a small jump. Hopefully small comfort to know others in the same boat.

Heal quickly!


Hunting some waterfalls on the fatty this past weekend


My NoPro video of the Simon and Garfunkel trail at Spider Lake, from Tuesday’s group ride.


Had a great time at Glenbourne tonight. Had the place to myself this evening. (Screenshot from the cam)


Great job on signs and on trail berms! Been a while @not so secret Lane.


Always been rather partial to this spot


Great rip around Fight today.



Lookin’ chill, @riderx. Where are you?


That was between laps at the woolastook 4 event…did I mention they had free beer for participants?


Dirt chapel:


My #shredgrrl :heart_eyes:


Just finished a 72km ride, what even are legs :joy: