2018 Pic From Every Ride


Fight trail, of course


Pretty burnout on entrance to Da Minion:


Preride routine:


Always something fun to play on…


From Saturday:

McIntosh Run, of course!


You should really check out West Pine. It just keeps getting better all the time.


An adventure ride out to fight


Enjoyed a little ride through McIntosh Run AKA McFight tonight with @Chris_Dwyer-perkins Flat Lake Loop water crossing is pretty dry, good time to get out there (unless we get a ton of rain soon).


Whopper this morning.


Proving N+1 is the correct answer.


Also from whopper this morning :confused:


I bet I know where you could get good coffee to fill that mug with


I’d love to try it. Where can I get it?


Classic McFight.


White Rock


Little campfire / riding video from the weekend end of year party.


For anyone wondering how the bike fared. Over all looks like it came out relatively ok. New bar for sure :stuck_out_tongue:

Only real concern is the fork. May have bent one of the stanchion and there is some play in the crown. Have it in the shop so I should hear back this week on a full assessment. :crossed_fingers:


Big crash?


See here: Year End Cottage Party - October 13th


I will be selling them personally very soon and hopefully through some bike shops as well! What’s your roast preference? We can make arrangements