2018 Pic From Every Ride



How about a video instead.Had to go back for more before the warm weather ruins it. https://youtu.be/vD8DIE8GRiM


Nice, managed to get one more in late last night as well. Good times!




Shubie is in great shape for a ride.


Nine Mile River today.


How are you liking the 6Fatty in the snow, @Rockhopper?



West Pine is one sweet piece of singletrack!


Ride from end of West Pine with bonus crash. (Skip to 4:00 for the crash)


Shit! I think you slid on ice and then got your handlebar on the rock. That’s a nasty place to crash. Glad you’re ok.


Cold day at Spider Lake, lots of ice but lots of fun too!


Neat GoPro selfie from some warmer days I’m just getting around to going through


Norawarren & West Pine were full of icy death traps today but still had fun


Lots of fun to be had at Whopper if you have studs


The lakes around Halifax are fantastic right now.


A pic from the Mahone Bay Cookes and egg nog ride.


From Fundy Nat’l Park December 30th…the groomed trails were great!


One last GoPro snap from some warmer days LaSt YeAr