2018 Pic From Every Ride


Nothing but hero dirt on the Bowater trails yesterday…


@rolls I have never ridden here. Fill me in please. Looks like sweetness


@muddy sent you a DM.


@Rolls that trail looks awesome. Group ride perhaps???


Near Rees lake?


I see a Tuesday group ride happening there for sure.


They say mtb is your buddy but roadie is your lover! :laughing:


What is this strange machine? Looks like a bike but… Im unfamiliar with its design and purpose! :stuck_out_tongue:


When you accidentally make plans with them all on the same day, and they show up at the same time… Oops, this is awkward. Caught in the act


Bowater bliss


Had some fun at this hidden gem




Quite the large crew out!


Windsor skatepark? Didn’t find a huge amount to do there. But, I’m not a very brave or creative park rider. There are other parks around with more features. Chester was pretty fun.


Yup windsor. Its small but lots of fun lines. Quarter pipe is great for doing 180s and foot plants. Fun line if you approach the quarterpipe, 180 it and theres like a ramp ledge you can manual onto and hop over when you swing back. Rinse and repeat. Hard to kill more than an hour here though. I also fashioned an impromptu tabletop over the walkway up to the gazebo, could air it out pretty well


^ ^ I don’t mind the park there. It’s kinda small but can be fun, Windsor has some nice trials areas too!


Evil Birch today


Nothing better than a sunny day ride. Get out there folks! w/@Rolls #fighttrail