2018 Pic From Every Ride


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Quick shot of the volcano i descended. Shuttle lift to the top and then we rode out to the costa rican desert ridges of guanacaste. Amazing. Just under 30km of pure downhill total. This day went from 8am-230pm and included a few stops to swim at volcanic pools and springs


Feels like Summer??

Thank for joining me at Fight @TuffRider


Yesterday -3 at mtb haven!


@shadowfox70 Bowater?


Thanks for rotating. Yes went out exploring to tip of sandy lake yesterday morning. Felt like i was in hobbit land there. This should be kept as one of secret trails. Lol



First ride on the new drive trail and I’m happy to say after about 20km I had no hip join pain. Oval might actually help with that? I guess more rides will tell.


where was this at? I’d love to challenge this “walk down” :smiley:


Late night park sessions by the waterfront


I think its at the top of this hill:

If you zoom in it should show the trail lines.

It’s one of the hills on the back side of the park that follows the highways. We never walk it. It’s probably more aimed at people skiing in the winter or something.


ahh, that makes sense haha


Always an adventure riding with @shadowfox70


Never trust a tourist wheeling. :laughing:
Anyways Stoked And Lost i mean “momentarily displace” again in the ancient fight secret single track. Awesome ride w/ @Rolls . Rock rolleau!!!


I had a little explore round MacDonald and Fall River (finally)


Solid crew out for Whopper tonight…


Had a blast


Nice, scouted those out for the first time a few weeks ago. Would like to go check them out with someone who could give me some pointers/instruction for dirt jumping as I’m really interested but also clueless (and I’m old and break easily!)…


Im more downhill oriented but have been getting into park and dj riding lately (great way to pass the winter - concrete doesnt get soggy :stuck_out_tongue: )
Would be more than welcome to tag along and learn with me! I go solo so having someone to call 911 might be handy


Definitely down for that sometime! Even just to come watch (and dial 911) while I get up the nerve to give it a try. Bike selection might be a thing for me too… not sure if the Dudu I have is really the tool for the job, it was designed as a 4x bike so maybe?

On the other hand might be an excuse to build up another bike- yay! “Honey, I really don’t have a bike for this kind of riding…I need to buy a frame”