2018 Pic From Every Ride


took me a while to step up to the big one, still not fully comfortable or confident and far from stylish haha but it is fun. I picked up a custom 2005 transition trail.or.park and the damn thing is addictive. More bikes is always great, tho i cant say im familiar enough with your bike to make a call

Edit : quick google search, id say as long as your suspension is firm it would be more than capable of getting you into it. Tires are key too, anything with meathooks will slow your roll and eat the line up. Maxxis holy roller /kenda krad / that type are ideal. If the Dudu has firm suspension and some similar tires itd be set


Yeah, I’ve got it set pretty firm (especially the rear end) and currently have Maxxis Hookworms mounted on it which roll real fast.


Golden lets get that thing out on some jumps


Didn’t make it to the trails, but I did get out for a spin on this weird bike with oddly skinny tires.


From the Tuesday Hike a Bike Ride.
Here’s to hoping that holds haha. Man that was a big slash.


I knew it, mtbr’s are secret roadies too. Let m know who’s riding slick we can do a transition road to mtb race herring cove loop to fight trail, should be fun.

@Chris_Dwyer-perkins - cheapest option is to put tubes on those JJ’s. Or get a FS bike :wink:


Nice looking repair job, especially the sewing. Let us know how it holds up!





Someone’s been watching GMBN Tech. Nice job!


shoulda hucked that! :stuck_out_tongue:


Next time. It was really, really, soft when I was out. Even gravel needs to dry up sometimes :slight_smile:


I was cutting drainage on Da Minion yesterday. Everything was saturated.


The crew at McDonald Sports Park tonight.


Soggy days at Flat Lake.


Snack time at fight trail


Encountered this rare born wild beast @fighttrail this morning. @ chris tag yourself here. See you more on the trails man.

Looking for the stoked dude riding at fight trail on a Scott Genius

This is a very fitting sign. Gnarly but extremely fun section of trail at Gore aka Empire Trails


@CannondaleChris - Yo man! What a ride. Good times!


Yo, Let’s hit that beast at keppoch and sugarloaf!