2018 Pic From Every Ride


Broken orbital bone and a mean concussion
I am pretty happy fullface helmets exist

Looks much worse now but im not turning on any lights til tmr!


Ouchers. Hope the bike’s ok!


As always i make sure to take the brunt :P. Honestly not even scratched. Overshot a stepdown, landed front wheel first at the very bottom and speed wobbled face first into a rock/theground/many rocks, bike kept going kinda! Gracefully tumbled into some shrubbery. Helmets not so lucky tho. Wearing full face and still managed this hahaha. Cant imagine my jaw if i only had a beanie on


Sounds brutal man, heal up!


Shitty man! Hope it’s a quick recovery and you’re back on the bike soon.


Little vid from last night, featuring @Rockhopper @Richard_P @JonMacD @damsam @Rolls @JeffV and @ryansutc bringing up the rear.


Took my best mate out while he’s visiting on the shubie canal out to spider. He’s a bit of a roadie so I slowed him down on my giant while I cheated with my XC bike


This was a few weeks ago at scotch. I think the order is @Rolls @Jetter @shadowfox70 and @childs82



Great time ripping around Keppoch today. Back at it tomorrow!


Some fun from Fear of the Gorge DH. Photo Credit to Jim Neale Photography


That is one cool photo, @MichelleLikesBikes! Frame it.


Hidden gem
Not much is bikeable but i cant do much biking yet so works for me


What a blast!! Thanks @MichelleLikesBikes @Pepperjester!


Whoa nice one!


Little rip after work, just some atv trails to the lake.

Edit: how do I rotate pictures on here? Haha


Save to desktop (or phone’s pic editor), rotate, upload again.


Best place to stop after a ride at spider lake


Rode Cape Split on Sunday. Can’t get enough of the view at the end.


Last night’s Powder Mill ride…


Hiddem gem of the minas basin.
High tide vs. Mid tide (water’s gone at low tide)

Big fan of being back home in the valley. Back to light pedalling and tires on the ground (mostly :wink: )
Hard to tell from the angle but im on a cliffside about 40ft or so above the beach. I missed these crazy tides