2018 Pic From Every Ride


This afternoons ride around a couple of the ponds in Gros Morne


Nice! What area of the park are those ponds? A little something to get you excited about MTB trails in the park…I’m building 10km of new trail and rehabbing another 10km around stuckless this summer. Should be epic when it’s done.


This was the quad trail from Eastern Arm Pond to Half Moon Pond. Glad to hear that there’s more work being done to stuckless, I haven’t had a chance to ride it and given the washouts I don’t imagine it will open before I have to move to NS at the end of June. I’ll look forward to coming back to ride it next year!!!


Not really a ride picture, but a picture of the birthplace of mountain biking. Those hills in the background are Marin County, California.



Also managed to make it as the new cover photo for the Canadian Fat Bikers Group haha.


Is it true you can’t really Mountain bike in Marin county anymore?


Took a rip through Norawarren tonight. Place is in great shape! Love the work you folks have done.


Burntcoat Head ride…imageimageimage


Beach/sand places to ride?

Too busy riding to take many pics but grabbed this one-

A mixed bag of sun, clouds, showers, snow and hail but never enough to be an annoyance.


Good times!


I think there was a time, maybe in the 90’s, when it was all closed but there’s lots of trails there now. I’ve ridden there a couple of times but only on rental bikes.


Managed to get out for a little spin through Spider Lake on Thursday night. Stopped on the highway ramp to snap this pic on my way home.

Thanks for the ride, @Cheshiremark


Some of the gang at Fight…


@rolls and @Chris_Dwyer-perkins last night at Fight


Trails are slop from all the rain so did a little pavement touring on the beater bike, decided to cut through the junk yard.


Messin’ around with the camera at fight tonight


30 km Ride Vic Park and Pat Mahaney trails. June 3rd 2018


Nice pic! Great lighting.


Thanks/ Got lucky, lost my back break, realized it was a good opportunity to snap a pic.