2019 Spring Trail Conditions


I think it was in the Keppoch Shuttles group.


fight was in good condition, I love divide


Lake Loop still has a little snow but nothing serious. Usual wet spots are wet. Still fun.


Skull still has some light snow and a bit of ice. It’s not as wet as I thought it might be. I rode up from beside the highway so I don’t have a report on Spider but it is usually very soft in the wet. The little bit of the atv road I saw by The entrance to Skull was super muddy and wet and all torn up by atvs.


Went out for BLT Then Hike the bike fire road to power line whopper and check single tracks it was all soak and muddy. Showed friends how to drain wet spots and not to stump trails.


Wrandees was surprisingly dry yesterday. NW Arm Drive entrance. But never mind now.:frowning:


Swapping over to spring/summer/fall tires tonight but I feel like I should be putting on pontoons! Hopefully this crap weather doesn’t last too long and things can dry out. Can’t wait for Keppoch to be ready to go so I can get some more time on the big rig…


Mint conditions at bowater!