Across The Highlands MTB Challenge


Fits camp-n-ride is still a think and it is on fathers day weekend. I have my site booked.

June 17th.


Keep me updated because I was going to take time off to do this as well so if something gets planed I might like to join you :slight_smile:


Bummer. I was just in the process of requesting that weekend off.


I’ve been out of the loop. Wow, that sucks.
I was so stoked to get back up there this year with the new whip.

Off to find a replacement marathon XC ride for mid-July!


Where can one find a list of other such events? Trying to convince a buddy to come ride this summer, would be neat to check out an event like this as part of that vacation.


I think this is the only other marathon type MTB event in the Atlantic region:


What about the Tour of Elgin? I thought that was a full-day “marathon” type event. I could be wrong…


Yes, Tour of Elgin and also Coal Miner’s Lung, both in NB.


Also Trailflow is doing a 6 hour race at Irishman’s road this year, called Tired Tires.


Oops yeah forgot about those! The Irishman’s event isn’t quite the same it is on a small closed course you’ll see the same section of trail MANY times in 6 hours.


Also in NB…the Woolastook 4.


Thanks guys…I, too, had forgotten about the Irishman’s event. I’ll definitely look at doing that. And Elgin was already on my event list this year. Gaspesia would be a lot to take on and I had a mixed bag of feedback on it by those that went the first year.

I recall seeing Coal Miner’s lung last year, but I’ll have to dig into the details.


Lots of good stuff on the BNS, Velo NB and Cycling PEI event calendars.

And either the BNL calendar doesn’t get updated, or there’s nothing going on in Nfld:)


Here any rumours on the likelihood of a 2018 AHC?


Not yet. I need to book my vacation if it’s happening this year!


I’ve reached out to the organizer on three seperate occasions via email and facebook. No response. I think it’s safe to assume its not happening.




Thats super depressing. never got to attend one of these rides :frowning:


That’s too bad. I think March was around when they starting planning out routes and stuff in the past. I guess I won’t be holding my breath.


I heard a rumour about another camping/biking trip Father’s day weekend…