Advice About Purchasing MTB



I have not ridden a mountain bike in years, anyone remember Slickrock Cycle in Dartmouth, that’s how long ago. Anyway I’m looking for advice on buying a new mountain bike. I already own two bikes and so I really will only be able to go entry level for now. I understand the risk of breaking parts, etc. I am only looking for front shock and disc brakes at the moment, for obvious price reasons.

If anyone is willing to offer some advice I’d appreciate it.



Air Fork, 100 mm entry level bike will set you up good. Or keep your eyes on Kijiji for used bikes.


I like to recommend Giant Talon 3 as a cheap entry level bike with hydraulic brakes. There are likely others but $699 is pretty low for new.

Maybe other people know of hardtails that beat the Talon in price and specs… I’d like to know since I get asked occasionally.

Also, keep a keen eye on Kijiji. Usually my first choice for buying new.


The used market is awash in decent bikes if you have a bit of patience to find the right one. Use the extra money to get a full tune up at your LBS, and get a new chain, tires and grips for it. Use the extra money after that for post-ride beverages!


The Talon is what I have had my eye on, thanks.


Likely a good bike. I’m a big fan of 29ers but if I was starting from scratch I think a 27.5 is more maneuverable and playful. There is nothing wrong with 3x9 gearing either if it’s well maintained. Check out used section on Pink bike as well.


Visit lots of bike shops (not department stores), talk to shop employees, do test rides, see what feels best.

Giant Bikes demo session at the Gorge in Kentville this evening. If you’re available, come ride bikes and check them out. Rocky Mountain next week(?) Specialized at various locations in July.

It’s much better to be able to test ride a bike on a real trail, but even a parking lot ride will help to know if a bike “feels” right.


As much as I like buying locally, I’m also an advocate for the direct to consumer companies like Commencal, YT and others. I love my Meta AM 4.2.

I just bought this for my wife: $1,000, real trailworthy components and a decent entry level fork.


I went to Giant demo the other night and rode a bike unfortunately they only had the expensive stuff so the ride was great but couldn’t really get a feel for anything in my range. Have the other demos marked off on my calendar. Thanks.


I’m betting your going to find more of the same at other demos. They tend to bring out there flag ship bikes to should you want you “could” have and make you want them. I can’t lie it tends to work haha. but still worth going to them.


Oh ya I’ll keep going. I figure if they keep having them maybe I won’t need to buy one I’ll just keep riding demos.


Rocky Mountain has one coming up in Halifax on the 27th. It has not been advertised much so don’t miss it!


This is on kijiji, next step up from the talon 3. Looks like the price has been dropped from $750 to $695.I have no affiliation to the seller!


Hey, what size are you? Maybe we can keep a more focused eye on what’s out there