Anyone riding fatbike QR wheels?


Anyone rocking QR wheels on their fatty?
Since I bought mine last fall, the front wheel has randomly come loose about 3 times now, once while riding down chicken cougar on keppoch. Have been riding QR wheels for as long as I can remember with no issues.
Anyone else had any issues? Wide wheels causing too much torque on the flimsy axles? Time to upgrade to thru axle(and suspension fork😃)?


Yup, QR at both front and rear. Haven’t had any issues with the front QR coming loose. Had it come loose in the rear, but I’d actually broken the axle in the hub (not the skewer) and that’s what caused it to loosen up.


I had this problem a on my rigid Norco Bigfoot I had a little over a year ago. Just have to be diligent and check iot before and after each ride is all.


Bolt on up front on my Rocky with Bluto fork. The QR snapped. Still running qr in the back I believe.