Anyone riding good Friday?


Anyone riding in the city? Might be heading in.


What time are you around? I might be free this afternoon.


Where is good to ride? Fight?


Yeah fight


riding today, someone else? 2pm?


Riding Skull Trail at 2pm!


Thinking about it, anyone else in? Rain’s killing my vibe!


Looking is as good as I’m getting today…

Looks better tomorrow


Yeah Saturday looks good. Sunny and 7 deg. I’ll be out tomorrow afternoon for sure. Probably Fight if anyone wants to join me.


Not sure when I’ll get out yet, but do you think Fight will be OK after the rain? It was still drizzling at 6am when I put the bins out


Except for some of the newer sections like Osprey, most of Fight is indestructible.


Still going or already gone? If you rode Fight, how was it? I’m thinking about riding there.


Lou’s, part of attic and old entrance are mint with few muddy spots that can easily be avoided. just avoid the attic area around ospreys. Lake loop is still soak and lake is hardly passable. Didn’t go to the secret single tracks at the back.