Anywhere in HRM to buy syringes? (60ml/2oz)


I need to put some new mineral oil in my rear brake line. Looking for a syringe to add it in from the caliper. I’ve got the tubing to connect the syringe to the caliper and the shimano reservoir to attach to the lever. Just missing the syringe. Hoping to possibly pick some up this weekend.

Style I’m looking for:


I got a pack from Princess Auto last year. I think there were 3 or 4 sizes included.


Ah-hah! Princess Auto didn’t even cross my mind for some reason. Looks like they have one on their website that’ll work at a reasonable price too. Thanks!


Go to Lawton’s or shoppers, they cost around $1


In a dark alley on Jackson Road in north end Dartmouth


I think MEC carries them.


Damn. People are doing 2oz of heroin at once in Dartmouth?


Meth. We hard as f*#% on the darkside


I ran out of supplies but I got tons of them at work. Lol


No worries. I managed to track down my original one.

In case anyone else is wondering in the future. Shoppers sells them, but only at their “Home Health Care” locations. Lawtons and MEC I’m unsure of. MEC lists a pack of 4 Filzer ones on their website for $16.75 (online only). I think they’re significantly cheaper from Shoppers though.


Also vets and feed stores have them.


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