Bear Necessities on the Trail



I’ve encountered a little wildlife on the trails before, including a couple of porcupines last Friday, but nothing like this!


Encountered a couple rabbits on the trail last night… They had a bloodthirsty look in their eyes…


Listen to what I’m spillin’, It’s flowin’ and runny
I ain’t trying to be funny
I’m right on the money
Like Flava Flav with all the hood rat hunnies
Don’t be messin’ wit’ no badass bunnies



Seen this on facebook yesterday.This reminds me of my encounter at skull at summer 2015. Boy this bring me back the chills and that awful pounding of heartbeat.


I’ve been face to face with black bears a couple times riding in Whistler (less than 10 feet between us) they are usually just as scared of us as we are of them. The most scared I ever was of a bear was onetime riding with a big group and seeing a cub up a tree with no sign of momma bear. We all quietly turned our asses around and got outa there.


While riding at Keji onetime, I encountered a cub who climbed a tree in front of me, which meant that the mother was likely nearby, so we bolted back the other way and nearly got a speeding ticket from the park ranger.


I lived in Northern BC for years and like Slider had many encounters. We considered the black bears more of a nuisance than the grizzlies, who were very shy. Usually you would only view the arse end of them as they bolted. I came to expect, and hope, for that behavior. I’ve run into three bears here in N.S. I had one stop in the middle of the road going to Keji Seaside and give me a good stare down until I hit my frame with my handpump, it bolted after that. Still the uncertainty of these moments are thrilling at best and could be really bad if handled wrong. I ride alone most of the time. I’m quiet and quick and on their turf.


I encountered a bear while riding at Keji too. It was already running away by the time I saw it. Not quite as interesting as the short stare-down I had with a bull moose on the Jimmys Round Top trail a few years ago.


I would be way more scared coming face to face with a moose than a bear. I have seen what they can to to a car.


Done that and never want to do it again…


Not sure what to call then when in a group but I counted 7 deer at a trail in Sussex NB Monday morning.