Best time of year to get a deal on a bike?


What’s the best time of year to get a deal on a bike?

Any thoughts? Does anyone purposely wait until fall?


Late fall. Shops want to clear out bikes to make room for new ones. For those of you who fit on medium and large anyway.


Whenever it happens to show up on kijiji


That has always been my modus operandi as well.


I’ve had great success shopping for new in August/September.


Like @landandwater said, late fall is when the bikes are the most on sale they will ever be to make room for fresh stock. The only issue I have seen over the years is the bikes run out by the time the fall rolls around and the only bikes left are either the entry level versions or the ultra high end versions. This isn’t always the case, and sometime you can luck into a killer deal. It’s definitely a bit of a gamble, but it can pay off. On the flip side I have seen people play this game to try and get the best deal only to find there are no bikes left come fall. The riding season starts much sooner/ doesn’t end out west and by the time our season kicks off I have seen stock already dwindling. Just my 2 cents. I am all for trying to get a good deal though! I also ride very large bikes so for me I can’t wait, the companies don’t make as many XL or XXL bikes so they disappear pretty quick. Good luck on the hunt! There are some fantastic trail bikes out there now vs 5 years ago.


Spring is usually a great time of year to buy a fat bike. :wink: I’ve kept an eye out for deals in the late Fall as well, but as noted the selection is certainly less robust.


Does anyone change out their bike after a set number of kms or seasons?


I seem to hold onto stuff way too long to the point where it is obsolete. Example : a basement full of 26" wheeled bikes. Still have a 15" 2007 specialized Epic if anyone is interested. Also, some things I just can’t part with : custom built steel hardtail I got in 1997.


Same… Except I keep them in the garage.


Sounds like @Mattcasey303 would like your place. But rumor has it he may have big wheel fever.


Every 10 years or so… :slight_smile: