Big Dam Ride - November 12th (Mike's Bday ride)


~~~ Big Dam Ride - November 12th - Mike’s Bday Ride ~~~

Where: ~Gaspereau Valley~
When: ~November 12th, (Sunday), 10:30am ~~~
Difficulty: ~~~ Beginner/intermediate

Notes: ~Bring water, bring treats, dress warmly~

Ryan has offered to lead us on last years “Big Dam Ride” route which had a mixture of double track, singletrack and yes…climbing and descending! We also get to ride the ‘pipeline’ between the several dams in the area. Although not a technical trail, it is challenging in it’s climbing and distance.

The ride will be approximately 50km, with options to opt out along the way.

*will update meet location very soon.

  • Going, see you there!
  • Wish I could, maybe next time.
  • Maybe, I’ll let you know.

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This is not an official ECMTB ride.


Yay beerday boy!


I better finalize our route!


You almost had me at “50km”, “climbing”, and “not a technical trail” == I could keep up. But I can’t do a Sunday AM ride because of church commitments. Hope you have a great birthday!


I really want to join in, and had planned for it. Work may have other plans, sadly. If I can be there, I will.

Better on the fat bike or the full suspension? :thinking:


Either way really. We aren’t going to break any strava times. I’d say full suspension over fat bike.


Ride the Fatty with me!!!


Must. Resist. The. Urge…

I am trying not to be so childish


OK. So we’re going to mainly meet at Valley Stove and Cycle - 10ish.

This is not an a loop. It’s a point - to -point ride. Sorry, just realized Mike din’t note that. Riding will start near Gaspereau Lake and finish in Avonport by the Minas Basin. I’ll have my truck left at the end so we can shuttle some people back to the start but depending on turn out we may a second vehicle at the end.

Ride will be either 50KM with 600M climbing or 60KM with 700M climbing. I have to finalize part of the route with Mike.

More to follow…


Sounds like a blast!


Just a reminder to wear Hunter Safety Orange!


Everyone with an ECMTB jersey…


So I take it this is a hardtail safe ride? I can pull out my Fuji?


Hell yes!


Changed my vote, I’m in! Bringing @Chris_Dwyer-perkins and @nwmenz with me on a mini fat bike brigade. :smile:


Amazing time, thanks crew!