BNS bicycle Outreach book


BNS is Publishing a “Where to Cycle in NS” Guidebook!
Nova Scotia is a wonderful place to cycle with lots of different types of riding around the province. And although there are many amazing resources about where to cycle, they are scattered around on different maps and in various places online; there is not one resource that gives an overview of cycling in the whole province, meeting the demand of the various types of cyclists out there. (The last book dedicated to trying to outline the best rides around Nova Scotia was put out by Bicycle Nova Scotia in 1995; the book focused only on long-distance rides and is now out of date.)

To fix this, Bicycle Nova Scotia is partnering up with Nimbus Publishing to create a “Where to Cycle in NS” book. This will be a comprehensive guidebook, covering the whole province, and attempting to reach most types of cyclists. The book will include high quality maps, route notes, and descriptions of the areas where they are located.

The book will be completed by the end of 2018, with a launch date of Spring, 2019.


I suggested that Bike parks (jump/pumptrack) be added to the book, but I’m not finding a lot of info about which parks are still active. I’ll start a new thread on this topic.