BNS Membership = Insurance


Not widely known, but I think it should be…a Bicycle Nova Scotia membership includes insurance coverage for cyclists riding anywhere in Canada, at any time, for any kind of cycling.


Extending coverage beyond sanctioned events and including AD&D to the coverage are the best things BNS has done for cycling in NS ever, no question.

Commuting, group rides, racing, going to the store, doing dirt jumps, legal trails, illegal trails, test riding a clapped out CCM, circus tricks… if you’re on a bike you’re covered. Convinced me to become a BNS member for the first time in a very, very long time.


Haha that woulda been good to know/ have when i broke my goddamn face


It’s great the BNS is making themselves more relevant to non-racing activities. There are some huge gaps in it still. Knowing this I hope more people join BNS to support their work.


Anyone know if dogs impact the policy? Bikejoring is a b*tch to get coverage for.


It does say “any kind of cycling”. @elleDEE would know, or check with BNS directly.


What if i unicycled while on a tricycle would i be covered