Brookvale - Sun Aug 26/18


PEI anyone? Looking at riding Brookvale on Sunday. FYI they just opened up a new 6 km loop. Giddyup.


Get some video. I’m curious what it looks like.


Just hit up brookvale and bonshaw for the first time last week. Very pleasantly surprised at the great riding. Sadly unable to make this trip but it’s definitely on my list to return.


@IanMHFX Will you be back by then? Are you interested? It’s a blast!


I’d love to ride Brookvale again but I doubt it will happen this weekend.

I rode the section thru the field with all the rollers and the first bit thru the woods of the new trail when I was there and it was an absolute blast. If the rest of the trail is anything like that, then you will definitely enjoy it.


I will not. :frowning: We should plan a PEI trip sometime soon, though; maybe a long weekend?


Are you just driving out in the morning, riding, then drive back after? I might be interested in joining if that’s your plan. Or are you going to already be in PEI for the weekend?


I’m driving to PEI Sunday morning and riding when I get there.

If I’m by myself I may car camp Sunday night and ride Bonshaw Monday morning before heading home. If someone’s with me that can’t stay overnight though, I’m good with just driving back Sunday after Brookvale.


Hmm that might change things then


I can carry 4 bikes


Yeah I’m onboard with this. Divvy up the tolls/gas. It would have to just be the Sunday day trip for me unfortunately. I wish I could camp and ride Monday as well but I’ve got things going on.


Perfect. Up and back Sunday it is then. @Jetter is in too.


Last call for PEI.


Get your fill of some smooth hardpack flow!