Canada Cup XC - Kentville


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Kentville Canada Cup

Started framing in the mega overpass bridge today. So many great things in the works at The Gorge.


We’re also working on adding a jump line on the service rd at the top of the Gorge, leading into the connectors, and have capped a bunch of roots on the connector, making for a smoother, rollier ride!

PS. New trail ‘The Flying Squirrel’ opens tomorrow :slight_smile: Oh Boy!


Man, Im excited for this!


I hear they are looking for more volunteers.


Yup lots of volunteers are needed. Email me at if your interested in helping out one of the days.

The overpass bridge is now complete. Lots of upgrades and new features popping up on the trails as well!


Don’t forget that the Canada Cup is not just for elite racers. We have sport categories and master categories too! These categories race on Saturday while the elite and Senior Expert categories race on Sunday.

Saturday night we will have live bands playing from 2-9pm as well as bouncy castles for the kids, rock climbing and even axe throwing.

Oh and did I mention that we have free on-site camping for participants! Yeah… should make for one super fun weekend!


Did somebody say jump line :smirk:


Yup… we built a couple new drops this week. Hoping to build a larger dj line up after the DH start tower… just need some free time to do it (which is at a premium this time of year). Hoping to get the jump line in sometime later this summer :slight_smile:


Very much looking forward to getting some air locally :smiley:


A pre-ride schedule has been released!


Yup. Course pre-ride details here:


Not sure what the course will be like. Check out these videos…


Now is the time to sign up forks. This event is a HUGE deal for mountain biking in Nova Scotia and if you like having fun on bikes and having dope trails to ride, then you need to be there!

There are plenty of categories for all ages and abilities so no reason not to come out and give it a try. Show your support for riding in Nova Scotia by signing up. A big turn out will help to ensure more events like this can happen in Atlantic Canada and will go along way to showing municipalities that investing in trails is worth doing.

Need more reasons to attend? Festival events on Saturday including concerts, climbing wall, axe throwing and more. Free on site camping, bonfires and maybe event some fireworks for event participants too!

Hit that registration button folks!



Do you need to buy a BNS membership in addition to the $50?


Looks like a OEM is available for an additional $25. And you probably need a race plate if you don’t already have one. That’s likely another $5-10


Yes, those who don’t have a race licence will need to pick one up as mentioned above a date license is available. BNS discounts the OEM fee if you buy a full license later.

Custom Kentville Canada Cup race plates are included at no charge. :slight_smile:


Haven’t done any precourse rides yet. Can i do it Sat Aug 4 morning? and any race maps directions availablefor now?


There are races saturday morning.

When is your race?