Canada Day Ride - Victoria Park


Just seeing this now so I’ll be too late for the group ride but I might go for a ride there anyway. Never been! Might see some of you folks there.


Put your foot down!


That was a lot of fun!


I’ll try to talk someone from the bike shop or one of the other guys I ride with next time. Be a lot faster and get a little more variety in there.


Mountain Biking in Truro by Douglas Smith, on Flickr

We had a great tour guide who led us on a nice long ride.


The police called to follow up on our intoxicated friend we found in the woods. He was located by police, is safe and has been returned to his family.


Good to hear! Thanks for calling it in, always an interesting day in Vic Park


I definitely enjoyed the ride and will need to venture up again to see more of the trails. Next time I’ll make sure I have more time available for a longer ride.


If it’s dry (very rare) there is alot of trail that’s fast and can hunt down the flow. August/September should make great dry conditions.