Checking for ticks: Maps show pest's hotspots in the Maritimes


Neat resource!


I picked up a tick in mid November at Fight trail. Which struck me as an odd time and place for ticks. They’re certainly becoming more prevalent.


Thanks for the reminder, @Rolls. I haven’t thought to check for ticks in a long time. And we’ve been trooping through the bushes at the MRWA trail build for months!


Somoene picked up a tick in the valley a couple weeks ago. Crazy!


My dog Scout has been my resource. I have walked him on every trail in the city and he has picked them up on each. They are frequently very small and can be tough to find. If you have one attached to you it’s best to go to the doctor right away. I’m told you don’t always get the bullseye rash.


They are usually really bad in june and then another surge in september but the warm weather has extended their second coming - ive had half a dozen on me in the past couple weeks in waverly. As for when they are on you, the dog ticks are pretty harmless but if its a deer tick you need to get it off within 24hrs (after 24 hrs it can transmit the bacteria that causes lyme disease). I wouldn’t go to the doctor unless its a deer tick and you know for a fact its been over 24hrs



There goes the neighbourhood.


Also on the trip to the doctor, it usually takes 6 months or so before any symptoms of Lyme will start to show up. If you find one fully engorged and you’re concerned you can get the ticks tested at the natural history museum or at DAL and they will let you know if the tick it positive for the bacteria that carries lyme. At that point I’d monitor symptoms for the 6 months, then go to the doc if you’ve got them.


I’ve had dozens and dozens on me over the years. 11 was the most in one day. All have been dog ticks. I have yet to find one deer tick, let alone one with lyme. I’m not concerned. Regular tick checks in the early spring is all I do.


What are you doing Doug, rolling around in the grass after slathering on tick attractant? :sweat_smile:

That’s a huge number of ticks. I think I’ve had three on me in my entire life.


I picked up a tick two weeks ago on the Rocky Lake / Shubie extension trail while I was running. Luckily mine was not attached but I found one on my dog the next day and it was fully engorged and really gross. I showed a pic to the vet and they thought it was a deer tick.


Pretty much. Field work in Keji Seaside required long days walking in marram grass. Ticks love that shit. Things I did for the birds! Later on at another contract I would wear rain gear to work in a bird colony where I would constantly be defecated on. I’d kill to get those jobs back.


Ticks are out in full force already. Found a deer tick attached to the pooch today.


As for this seasons ‘hot spots’ : if last season was any indicator, id say anywhere you can put even half a boot down (probably not safe in the water either tbh… i saw these little bastards going through scuba training last year)


This bastard was in my beard



That is one thing we do not have to worry about on the Rock.




Consistently have had 2-6 each night every night from waverly area. I check myself thoroughly prior to getting in my car yet still find them in my car hours later or the next day crawling on the floor. Already way worse than last year