Copycat site


People figured out the millions and gazillions of dollar billz we made with the original ecmtb. They found out about it all. Now everyone is trying to make ecmtbz just to have one. They’re going up like bitcoin!


Oh shit, ecmtb-coin. Genius!


Ecmtb bitcogs :thinking:


They have not yet posted any useful content


15 AM

And just like that, it’s gone!
They’re paying for ads targeting people 15 and up in NS with a potential interest in MTB.
Got to love that’s Title Tag is East Coast Mountain Biking, and’s Title Tag is ecmtb


Who’s to say it isn’t? LOL…


Funny interjection, and rebuttz @darkmyth


All of the pictures from the website just appear to be stolen from various instagram users.

If this really is someone doing this out of spite because this site didn’t want to use their services, that is very childish and unprofessional.


Bitcoin is behind the times. We’s been cranking blockchain for years.


Just going to put this here, for comparison.


Everybody just wants to be us.

We certainly didn’t invent the chainring logo, but that one is pretty damn close to ours.


You can’t swing a cat without hitting a chainring logo.


They definitely used our old chainring logo. The grey pinstripe on the inside is a dead giveaway.

Our current logo for stickers, jerseys, etc is a lot slicker. They can have the old one.


The chain ring with grey pinstripe was taken from a stock photo. They could have use same as their logo starting point.


Couldn’t help myself, I emailed them and asked what was behind making a copy cat site. Here is the reply.

"Hey Nigel, thanks for getting in touch with us! This initiative is funded by tourism NB and they are looking to promote specific trails in our province, as well as providing exposure for all trails on the east coast. Have you checked out our website? You’ll see that our resources are specific and don’t really “overlap” the other community.

That being said, we’ve been in contact with and we have made sure that we don’t overlap/steal/clone in any way. It’s true that we may not have as many people riding, but promoting east coast trails and riders doesn’t seem like a crime to us. We just want to have an impact in a positive way. We understand your feedback and we appreciate that you reached out.

Have a great day,



I truly appreciate the support that the viewership of has thrown behind us.

From the beginning there has been a lot of folks who have been associated on various levels with the true ecmtb brand including Adam Shore, Jeff White, Sue Earle, Andrew Lowery, Chris K, Jeff M., Aaron P, Derek R., Jeff V. and myself. If I missed anyone it’s not intentional.

We also appreciate the support from the community in general including Kirk (Muddy), Tony from Old Port Pub and many others I’m sure I’m missing.

Big shout out to all who contribute online or show up for the rides and the cottage parties! Makes it all worth it!

We’re going to be around for a long while to come so they can try to imitate us, but there will always be only one original ECMTB!


If it truly is tourism NB funding it, I’m all for that. If we can help them in any way, that would be great.

It’s the usurping our name that bothers us and the spiteful manor in which it occurred.


I doubt Tourism is supporting them. Why would they not brand as being an NB site? Why would NB want to help anything that is not NB branded? Why do they have no content? Why are their instagram pics only fat bikes and flying bikes with dual crowns? Stange to me.


I sent a follow up question asking why there was no NB tourism branding. Remains unanswered.


NB has this on their tourism site, no mention of a separate site.