Crooked Trees Duathlon at Keppoch


Crooked Trees Off Road Duathlon


I like the idea of this event a lot. I don’t think I’m a strong enough runner this year (especially with the elevation at Keppoch :grimacing:). But I might make it a goal of mine for next year.

Anyone here giving it a go?


I got a big beer belly but I might give it a try to burn the belly and drink beer again.


I’m planning to race it. Going up Tuesday to ride the route and make a call on which distance I tackle.


I’m very much in it for the post race tailgating also…


I haven’t run in ages because of an ankle injury, but could be talked into biking for a team if that’s an option.


Will shuttles be running the day before still? I’m guessing they won’t the day of considering this race? :man_shrugging:t2:


I might have a runner for you! Let me check.


Very close to registering. I haven’t been to keppoch yet unfortunately. Just going in blind.


Do it! I think it will be a small but mighty crowd.


It’s well worth the trip!


I rode the race route today, the trails are near perfect right now.


What is the running terrain like, would astandard running shoe be fine or is uneven?


If you had trail shoes you’d have a better time. The running is on flow-y single & double track trails. There are roots, rocks, climbs, drops, tight switch backs - but everything is on the beginner level trails for the run so it’s on the easier side of trail running. Doable in a shoe that isn’t a trail shoe if it’s got a decent tread, but as I started with, if you have trail running shoes, you’ll appreciate having them out there!


The race at keppoch was maybe one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I can’t believe I paid good money to put myself through the torture of running up Chicken Cougar TWICE - lol. It was an incredible amount of fun and a great excuse to go play on their trails. Everyone had a great time so I think it’s safe to say the event will be back next year.

Eric Albert did a great job capturing the day (This is going to kick you over to a Facebook Album). Please ignore the photo of me hiking my bike :joy::roll_eyes::woman_facepalming: lol


Awesome! Good to hear.


It was awesome. For anyone saying they aren’t strong enough for these events, understand that most people aren’t strong in all sports (except Daniel Murray who destroyed this). I received my mountain bike as a loaner from Sportwheels the week before, tested it out once and went to race. I only crashed once but that was because I was just so physically exhausted that I grabbed the brakes too hard.

The Keppoch guys and Highland Bike shop put on an awesome event.